January 14, 2012

New Apple HDTV to be launched soon

This is the latest news about APPLE; it seems that a new TV series are yet to be launched by apple shortly this year, adding additional spice to the news is that we hear that Apple suppliers are stocking up on materials for iTV production.

Apple's supply chain is preparing materials for a pair of iTV sets in Q1 2012 in order to meet Apple's schedule for a Q2 or Q3 launch. The first two iTV models will measure 32 inches and 37 inches and will be full blown TV sets, not just set-top boxes like Apple TV.

Reports show that the materials for Apple HDTV will be ready by the first quarter of 2012. That means we might be able to see the iOS powered Smart TV crash into the market between the second and third quarter of the year.

A couple of years back a Cupertino based company actually launched apple set top box which did well in the market. But this TV would be a complete set including the set top box, remote assisted by the siri and a lot more features.

Meanwhile, the news from Korea reveals that Samsung Electronics had already started the production of iTV chips in November itself. Sharp, the producers of the display panels for Apple HDTV, is rumored to be working on 32- and 37-inch sized ones initially.

Additionally, there are talks of Apple planning to release their next-generation set-top box in 2012. The recent 9 percent price cut of the current Apple TV set-top box in the Amazon stores is pointed out as the reason for this assumption.

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