January 15, 2012

Who actually invented the computers, Not Charles babbage?

This is a cool debating content below which could make the invention and inventor of computers more clearer.

We all know about computers just by handling it in day-to-day life but we wont search, who has actually invented it. There are so many issues on computer invention either of Billgates?  Steve jobs? Some saying savy? Or Alan turing? Konrad Zuse who was created something called “Z1” credited as "first freely programmable computer" but probably all above said prove wrong there were so many question on discussion". 

Whether eccentric scientist charles babbage conceived of first programmable computer in 1830s, a hundred years before the idea was put forth in modern form by alan turing?" but of course charles babbage born in 1791 died in 1871 made an attempt during first half of nineteenth century in designing kind of mechanical calculator named it to be difference engine to compute various set of numbers but there  is confusion turing or zuse is the true father of modern computer.  babbages, mall-based chain that eventually merged with software, etc. but before his company went bankrupt,  was picked by bernes & noble's leonard riggio folded eventually into gamestop chain. babbages never built  difference engine eventually because of cost overruns and political disagreements but he had bigger plans to construct analytical engine. A monster machine occupies size of a room with capacity of its own cpu, memory and enable to programmable with punch cards but he never had build whatever he imagined before his death. 

The problem here to conclude is: where the difference engine plan were complete, where analytical engine were a work-in-progress.  When we enter science museum, London which plans to construct babbage's analytical engine after century-and-a half and solution of work in porogress hurdle by putting plans online succeeding year by inviting passarby to weigh in. but one of important question the project's designed to answer whether babbage would have been able to actually build it at all.  if we suspect answer is "yes, he could be" it could challenge the prevailing academic belief that turing, not babbage,  designed first general purpose computer and while today question is completely academic, the machine's con struction, assuming it really is doable, should prove fascinating to watch what would be next.

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