Keypad 4x4 Interface:

This is as simple routine how to read 4x4 keypad keys using AVR-GCC language. The keypad is connected to AVR microcontroller 8 bit port. In this example it is B port. You can change ports depending on your needs – this is only an example ant it is not the only way to this.

How it works..... Read more.

Servo motors are so called “closed feedback” systems. This means that motor comes with control circuit, which senses if motor mechanism is in desired location and if not it continuously corrects an error until motor reaches proper point.... Read more

LM35 is a popular and low cost temperature sensor. In this tutorial we will learn how tt can be used to measure temperature with accuracy of 0.5 degree centigrade. We can interface it easily with AVR MCUs and can create thermometers, temperature controller, fire alarms etc... Read more...

Seven Segment displays are common for electronic product to display numerical output.Many common devices like calculators, watches, electronic weighing scales, ovens etc use them. You must have also seen lifts display the current floor numbers in seven segment displays. So in this article I will show you how to use 7-Segment displays in your own projects  Read More..


7Segment Array:
In Last tutorial we discussed about Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays. So you must to be very much familier with the theory. Now let us write the code and design a small project that will make you expert in using these displays in your own projects. We will make a system that can display any number between 0-999 using three of these displays. We will write a function Print() that we can use on own later projects to easily write integers onto displays.

Analog To Digital Conversion:
Most of the physical quantities around us are continuous. By continuous we mean that the quantity can take any value between two extreme. For example the atmospheric temperature can take any value (within certain range). If an electrical quantity is made to vary directly in proportion to this value (temperature etc) then what we have is Analogue signal. Now we have we have brought a physical quantity into electrical domain. Read More...

LCD Interface:  
Frequently, an AVR program must interact with the outside world using input and output devices that communicate directly with a human being. One of the most common devices attached to an AVR is an LCD display. Some of the most common LCDs connected to the AVR are 16x2 and 20x2 displays. This means 16 characters per line by 2 lines and 20 characters per line by 2 lines, respectively. Read More...

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